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Terms and Conditions

International Boulevard is published by The Diplomat Publishing, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, as an educational service in the public interest. We translate articles from the foreign press as an educational service for American readers; we notify the publishers of the original content of our intent to translate their work, and that we are doing so under the fair use exception to American copyright law, which permits reproduction of their work for non-commercial educational purposes.

As republishers under fair use, we assert no copyright over the original articles; however, the English translations are copyrights of The Diplomat Publishing. If you are interested in republishing any of our translated articles, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable fee, the bulk of which will be paid to the original publication.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our finances are public information. If you would like to review our financial information, our IRS form 990s are available here.

Privacy Policy

We collect email addresses and other information from registered readers strictly for our own use, and in particular so we can eventually offer regular readers a free copy of our planned print edition. We will never sell or rent any of this information to anyone else. And we are not going to spam you ourselves either.