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Who we are and what we are trying to do here:

International Boulevard is based in San Francisco, where everybody is ostentatiously (sometimes even annoyingly) obsessed with consuming “locally, freshly produced goods.” We are journalists who are ostentatiously (sometimes even annoyingly) obsessed with international news.

So here at International Boulevard we are applying this self-centered guideline, or maybe reversing it, on our world news coverage: we want to taste, read and consume locally produced journalism worldwide. We are interested in reading what local journalists in the vast world outside of the United States write about their own local issues, and we are interested in the way they do it. We are interested in stories whose writers don’t need a local ‘fixer’ to do everything for them. In stories that don’t need a foreign correspondent to process it, contextualize it, or otherwise pre-filter it, for American readers to be able to understand.

That is what International Boulevard is all about: we translate what the local journalists in Latin America, in Asia, the Arab world, Europe or Africa write about themselves, for their own public, in their own newspapers, and in their own words.

Despite its name, International Boulevard is not quite a boulevard yet. It is a little street, run by a non-profit organization and by journalists who believe in journalism as public service. A place where readers come to read fascinating, beautifully written pieces by writers and journalists from all over the world, translated into English from Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Chinese and other languages yet to come. We are in a permanent process of expanding our team of collaborators and widening the network of countries we cover.

-Daikha Dridi and Jack Brown, editors of Intl blvd.

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International Boulevard is published by The Diplomat Publishing, a San Francisco-based 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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Editor In Chief: Daikha Dridi
Managing Editor: Jack Brown

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