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That’s the Kind of Sharia I’m Talking About!

For your eyes only, General el-Sisi!
There has been a visible effort to grow a cult of personality around General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi since the July 3 coup in Egypt, a little reminiscent of Vladimir Putin’s image in Russia. In the case of one female writer at Egypt’s most prominent private daily, the general’s virile image was so overwhelming that she wrote this column, which shocked many of the paper’s readers with its unusual tone and imagery.
The general had called on coup supporters to rally to crush terrorists today: here is Ghada Sherif’s eager response in Al Masri al Youm.

Since it’s el-Sisi who’s asking, we are all going to go out on the streets! To be honest, he doesn’t need to ask us or order us to do anything….a wink of one of those eyes, or a snap of his fingers and we will all answer the call. Egyptians are in love with this man! If he wants to complete his stable of four wives, we are at his beck and call…or if he just wanted to use us like captured sex slaves, we wouldn’t turn up our noses at him.

That’s the Sharia I’m talking about! Don’t bring me some troglodyte with a two-meter beard and tell me to apply the Sharia with him. If he runs for president, I can assure you that everyone would vote for el-Sisi, even those who would have opposed him if he had run in the last election. Well, maybe everyone except Abd al-Mouniem Abu al-Fotouh, that crypto-Muslim Brother.

With el-Sisi it’s going to be 1956 all over again; he’ll be our Gamal Abdel Nasser, calling on every Egyptian to stand up and fight the Tripartite Agression [of Israel, France and Britain]. Back then, there were multitudes lining up to ask for weapons from the government. The thing to remember though is that back then, when the enemy disappeared all of the weapons were given back, and nobody tried to sneak a few home with them.

Abdel Nasser has been born again. El-Sisi is blessed with an impressive intellect, and that is going to keep him from making the mistakes committed by the SCAF [2011 military junta led by Mohamed Tantawi]. We are in love with this man! And we love his spokesman too! Such a guy! And the hell with anyone who aggravates them!

So, moving on…

Why did el-Sisi pick this Wednesday in particular to call for a showdown with the terrorists? Just look at the terrorism that the Muslim Brothers have been inflicting on the country: they do their prayers, pick up their weapons and start butchering us-to the point of blowing up gas stations in the middle of residential neighborhoods in Mansoura. Here is the thing: all of the violence that has already happened is nothing compared to the revelations that I saw with my own eyes on Doctor Hala Sarhan’s show… the night before el-Sisi made his speech. The guest on her show that night was Abdul-Jaleel al-Sharnoubi, the Muslim Brother dissident [and former editor of the group’s website].

I invite you, dear reader, to go on Youtube now and watch , her Ramadan show called The Good Old Nights Are Back. Sharnoubi is all over the TV these days, but he was something else on Sarhan’s show that night. That’s because in spite of learnedness that has made her the Oprah Winfrey of the East, Hala Sarhan still has the attitude of a dedicated student when it comes to preparing for every episode of her show: she studies up on every guest, not relying on the teleprompter, or just letting her guest say his piece. That’s how she is able get her guests to reveal things they have never told on other programs; with her they always s surprise you with something new.

And that is what happened with Abdul-Jaleel al-Sharnoubi, who shocked us, revealing that what is happening at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square and Ennahda Square are no mere sit-ins: these are the starting point of an independent “Brotherhood Republic” presided over by Mr. Underachiever himself, Mohamed Morsi!!! Sharnoubi said that once the Brothers realized that there was no way Morsi was making a comeback, they started planning to divide Egypt up, just like Gaza and Ramallah are divided [in Palestine].

Sharnoubi also revealed that the dissolved Shura Council has been meeting in Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, with the support of the Union of Islamic Parliaments, planning out a future Brotherhood State. See what a mess we are in now, John Q. Public?

While you were snickering about the antics of the dissolved Shura Council, and making fun of their befuddlement, they were planning serious stuff:… Imagine this: when their international arm met up in Turkey, The Muslim Brothers were actually studying how to take on the Egyptian Army by creating a ‘Free Egyptian Army’ modeled on the Free Syrian Army. Sharnoubi linked this to a Syrian who was arrested carrying Egyptian Army uniforms. When you watch Sarhan’s program, meditate on Sharnoubi’s [revelations], how he discredits people who say that ‘the Brothers are part of us,’ that their presence is a necessary part of our political life, and all of that hot air.

And here is one of their own, telling us that the Muslim Brothers are not Egyptians, that no one in their international arm is Egyptian, that Egypt is only an item on the Muslim Brothers’ checklist!

That’s why the Revolution is not finished yet…and that’s why when it’s el-Sisi who gives us a ring, makes us a request, we’ll all get our sneakers out from under the bed, shine them up, and demonstrate! We’ll give the Brothers and their journalists another lesson: because jackasses need to have things repeated for them!

Ghada Sherif

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