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When the Revolution Claims Your Uterus

Abortion laws in the United States seem to be set for an abrupt shift following this week’s elections. In this piece, Mateo Jarquin examines the extremely strict and punitive laws that govern several central American countries, where, surprisingly, abortion bans owe much of their origins to revolutionary leftist political parties.

Last month, the President of El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly called for lawmakers to revisit the country’s penal code

Exhuming Nicaragua’s Red Christmas

The unfinished colonial project: Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, never really settled by the country’s Spanish conquerors, is once again the site of unrest as Spanish-speakers from the west move into Indian lands. Mateo Jarquin delves into the history of the last attempt to bring the Mosquito Coast into Managua’s orbit, when idealistic young communists from the Sandanista movement sparked an uprising.

Six years ago, Nicaragua’s Attorney General closed an investigation into a human rights NGO’s formal complaint that the Sandinista government of the 1980s had committed war crimes against the country’s Miskito Indians.