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The Deliveryman

Meet Driver: he delivers wretched little moments of paid pleasure to men in a life of toil. And in equal measure, he delivers endless moments of horror to women in a life of sexual slavery. The Mexican prostitution mafia that services immigrant workers in America, from Nexos:

Driver tensed up like a spring. He was seated in the front seat of his red Charger -- this was normal, but it wasn't normal they call him when the evening had hardly begun. It was too early. Way too fucking early, man.

The Unholy Godmen

The conviction of four men in New Delhi for a gang rape, and public calls for their hanging leads us to consider here the very different treatment meted out to Asaram Bapu, a prominent Hindu spiritual leader recently accused of raping the daughter of one of his devotees. India’s ‘Godmen’ are vital to right wing politics, with their enormous networks of devotees and their frequently Hindu nationalist views.

As we go to press, it's been almost a week since a minor girl of 15, a child, accused Asaram Bapu of sexual assault in his (un)holy chambers in Jodhpur.

‘Okay, Let’s Grab Her, But Then Take Turns, Guys’

In this blog post addressed to other victims, a woman describes in excruciating detail her rape at the hands of a huge mob of men at a revolutionary demonstration. Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the central stage of the country’s ongoing revolution, has been the scene of numerous mob rapes and sexual assaults.

This is my story, one like many other women's stories. It is the story of what happened to me-and what happened to you. You and I know how it was: death came near, though it didn't arrive.