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The Man Who Chose the Forest, and Died For It

One day, Peruvian electrician Edwin Chota abruptly abandoned the life of the city, and the various children he had failed to raise, for the jungle and for an indigenous tribe whom he adopted as his own. For over a decade he lived under death threats for denouncing illegal logging on his lands. His pleas for protection were ignored. In the end, the timber traffickers murdered him.

Those who knew him said that Edwin Chota had a wide, exaggerated and contagious smile, with a prominent gap where a front tooth was missing.

Dirty Yulia

Tymoshenko fixing her hair in front of photographers at Kiev District Court, June 2011. Photo EPA.

Yulia Tymoshenko, blonde-braided Aryan princess of Ukraine’s ‘revolutions.’ Imprisoned, we are told, for political reasons, and released to breathless Western coverage and Ukrainian indifference following the crowd-coup which toppled ‘pro-Russian’ Ukrainian president Yanukovych last week.

The government in Kiev has hired an army of international lawyers.