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The Bastard

Coming of age is a fist in the face for Karim Miske. Filmmaker, detective novelist, son of a Mauritanian diplomat and a French communist mother, Miske both inhabits and illuminates in his work a world of shifting and uncertain French identities. In this excerpt from the first chapter of his memoir, Unbelonging (N’Appartenir), the moment when the fine drapery of a middle class upbringing in Paris began to fray, exposing the rot behind:

In the beginning there is the shame. It circles around inside you, elusive and toxic.

Meeting Kafka on the Road to Citizenship in Indonesia

A wedding in Jakarta. Photo CC.

Veeramalla Anjaiah recalls the herculean feats he overcame on the path to marriage and citizenship in Indonesia. After running the bureaucratic gauntlet, he pleads for the country to amend its citizenship laws to be more fair and equitable to mixed-nationality households.

Is mixed-nationality marriage a status symbol? For some, such as elite personalities or the very rich, it may be-but not in my case. I met my wife, an Indonesian, in a Jakarta hospital and we fell in love, later deciding to tie the knot.