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Military Coup

Exactly How Many Millions Were We, My General?

Estimates of how many people demonstrated against Mohamed Morsi in Egypt at the end of June have varied by tens of millions of people. Is it really so hard to quantify such gigantic masses of human beings? The numbers are important because the size of the demonstrations was used to justify the military coup which followed them. If anyone had actually cared what these numbers were, the Egyptian military gave them a simple tool: aerial overhead videos of the demonstrations.

Here is a reality check.

Egypt: The Algeria Scenario

The nightmare scenario following Egypt’s military coup against the Muslim Brotherhood government is a descent into a civil war bloodbath like the one that inundated Algeria for a decade after that country’s 1992 military coup. There are both parallels and contrasts to what happened in Algeria, writes Yassine Temlali, but the decisive turning points may be yet to come.

There is frequent talk of "a repeat of the Algeria scenario" in Egypt now.

Egypt Brotherhood: This is Democracy, Love It or Leave It

Alexandria, June 30, 2013. Photo Alaa al Basha.

Millions have demonstrated across Egypt, demanding that Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi step down. In a frank interview, Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el-Haddad concedes that his group’s government has made mistakes, and has remained too secretive and opaque. But he says that big causes of recent unrest are the country’s corrupt bureaucrats, and the fact that there was no parliament to give voice to competing political viewpoints.

There have been attacks on Muslim Brotherhood offices in Alexandria and the Nile Delta.

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