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In Lagos, Deporting Fellow Nigerians…To Nigeria

In Nigeria, the press calls it the ‘internal deportation’ scandal: police in Yoruba-dominated Lagos round up dozens of supposedly indigent people of Igbo ethnicity in sweeps. After long periods of detention and mistreatment, they are shipped across the country, back to the states that are ‘their homeland.’ A startling glimpse into Nigeria’s struggles with urbanization, ethnic conflict; and perhaps a window into the ethnic warfare that came with the birth of the country.

On Wednesday, some 70 beggars and other people described as homeless.

Last Flight For Okada Air?

Okada riders, Lagos, Nigeria. Photo CC.

Getting around in Nigeria’s crowded cities is taxing, with crushing traffic jams and public transportation systems that have collapsed or never existed. In their thousands, then, people take an Okada airlift: you pay a few cents to jump on the back of a blatting motorcycle, spitting oily smoke, to be whisked to your destination by the agile piloting of a young driver.Blamed for horrifying rates of road injuries and fatalities,choking pollution and criminality,Nigerian cities are banning thr Okada taxi one after another.Scenes from Benin City, one of the Okadas’s last bastions.

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